Your client’s daily personal assistant

Anna Cares is a new kind of virtual assistant, based on years of university research.


Anna motivates consumers by keeping them on track with their daily schedule and encouraging them to stick to their care plan. Anna is a friendly and fun addition to the care team and is always there to help out when you can’t.


Anna Cares is backed by university research which has proven that relational agents like Anna, are able to attract attention, improve adherence to treatments, increase information recall and encourage healthy living. Users love the interactive nature of the app and have often said ‘it’s just like you’re talking to a friend that really cares’.


Anna is able to monitor consumer’s wellbeing by routinely checking in to see how they are feeling and then reporting the data back to the care team.

Care providers are also informed when prescribed activities are not completed, so human intervention can occur when it’s necessary.


Anna Cares helps prevent health lapses become more serious by alerting care providers when consumers are non-adherent with daily tasks and activities. Anna monitors consumer wellbeing and informs the care team when their health appears to be deteriorating, enabling them to intervene and prevent avoidable admission to hospital.

Reduce Service Costs

Anna can influence consumer behaviour at a fraction of the cost of human intervention.

Adding Anna Cares to your service offering can free up time for your staff by reducing daily phone calls and short visits to consumers.


Being a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, Anna Cares is easily accessed by both the consumer and the care team. Anna sits on a consumer’s personal device in their home, resulting in the delivery of personal care to a large population with ease.


Assistive technology for Consumers

Anna Cares is a friendly personal assistant for iPad, designed especially to help Consumers with day-to-day activities. She is a talking, interactive assistant with a serious job – supporting Consumers and helping them maintain their independence.


Connection with service providers

Connect with and monitor Consumer wellbeing on a daily basis. Avoid time-consuming phone calls and focus on genuine care coordination rather than routine disruptions.


Active family involvement

Supportive families are a key part of your Consumer’s care network. Anna Cares allows families to seamlessly join the network, enhancing your care and supporting your brand.

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