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Anna Cares - Virtual Assistant Product Description

Clevertar Digital Coaches

Clevertar digital coaches are smartphone or tablet avatars – also known as ‘relational agents’ – that are designed to improve the health and wellbeing of patients by positively influencing their behaviour.

Digital coaches act like a ‘real’ health coach – they provide interactive education about the patient’s condition, help patients set goals about their self-management, and monitor and follow-up on progress, so that new behaviours are maintained. At the same time, Clevertar’s digital coaching platform gives providers an insight into the success and value of the coaching program for patients and populations via real-time reporting.

Clevertar’s digital coaches are an innovation in population healthcare, influencing behaviour and encouraging patient engagement at a fraction of the cost of human intervention.

Measurement and Monitoring

Our digital coaches are able to monitor a patient’s health through regular surveys and deliver a tailored coaching solution to suit their needs

Health Coaching

Clevertar’s flexible digital coaching platform gives providers the ability to deliver custom health coaching content to their patients. Our coaches educate and interact with patients in a way that is powerful, engaging, cost-effective and easily accessible.

Software from the Cloud

The Clevertar Digital Coaches platform offers an app for patients and a web portal for clinicians to allow them to monitor patient progress. Commissioners of services can also access the web portal to evaluate program benefits at a population level.

Anna Cares - Virtual Assistant from the Cloud



Chronic lower back & leg pain




Mild to moderate anxiety and depression

Development Timeline

Version 1.4

June 16, 2017

Addition of new coach ‘Michael’ and the ability to switch coach at anytime Improved user interface with new shortcuts Updated spoken and written content

Version 1.3

May 24, 2017

Selected answer always highlighted on submission Notification automatically scrolls to top Push notifications support enabled Sign in using registration links    

Version 1.2

May 9, 2017

Reverting to original character after feedback received UI enhancements relating to the login and registration process Some corrections to speech

Version 1.1

May 8, 2017

Updated virtual coach and user interface Full compatibility with the LiCBT program Numerous minor bug fixes

Clevertar Digital Coaches Launched (1.0)

April 14, 2017

Version 2.10

December 20, 2016

Edit activities within the app Smaller app size with on-demand resource downloader (for alternative characters and voices) Minor layout enhancements

Version 2.9

November 14, 2016

– Fixes Issues with all-day activities and adds full support for ‘local time’ activities – Improved app responsiveness and character rendering performance – Minor user interface modifications

Version 2.9.1

November 14, 2016

Resolves a cause of potential app instability Fixes all-day activities showing up twice in calendar Enables undo button for ‘local time’ activities

Version 2.8.5

November 2, 2016

– Supports statistical variables within scripts – Contains minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.8.3

October 10, 2016

– Fixed a confusing or absent popup box when trying to sign out while being offline – Minor enhancements to interface layout and speech recognition

Version 2.8.4

October 10, 2016

-Fixes a problem receiving updates to activities that are part of a repeating sequence but that have only been modified for part of that sequence – Incorporates improvements to speech- based interaction

Version 2.8.2

September 22, 2016

iOS 10 Compatibility Fix

Version 2.8.1

September 1, 2016

– Improvements to aspects of the scripting (Some of the things Anna says throughout the app are now more helpful and accurate) – Fixes an inability to respond to the first activity in a repeated sequence starting ‘today’ – Push notifications are no longer received after you sign out – Resolves various activity form input difficulties – Resolves a possible data synchronisation failure when script tag capitalisation (but not spelling) has been modified – Speech recognition enables immediately on button tap now – Minor layout and

Version 2.8

August 18, 2016

– Fixes a possible crash following dismissal of the welcome dialog’ – Fixes Anna complaining about you not having used the app in a while on first use – Fixes a crash on numerical dialogs having a minimum >= 1 – Fixes a possible crash and various inconsistencies relating to Activity views – Remind Me Later also works across devices now – Minor UI and speech content enhancements

Version 2.7.5

August 15, 2016

– Anna now automatically talks about the next dialog once the previous one is dealt with – Left/right dialog arrows don’t block other dialog options anymore – Fixes a crash when a numerical dialog has invalid limits – Fixes random omissions in relation to Anna’s introductory speeches – Fixes further issues around management of repeating activities within the app – Includes support for ‘Confirmation’ type dialogs in scripted interactions

Version 2.7.4

July 30, 2016

– Fixed minor and major layout problems on iPhone 6+ and 4S, respectively – Dialogs are no longer occluded by the keyboard on any iPhone – Network reconnection will not accidentally trigger a Sign In dialog – Activities repeating monthly may previously have shown on the wrong dates – Activity view now correctly shows the repeat interval, if any – Weather is automatically updated every 15 minutes, rather than only when you move – Local notifications do not pop up for activities that have already begun – Various refinements to message/dialog sorting and selection

Version 2.7.3

July 26, 2016

– Improved support for scripted content, including in-line variables and numerical sliders – Fixed various issues with managing repeated activities within the app – Minor layout change offers additional space for dialog – Data synchronisation does not fail anymore if the app is used continuously for > 1 month

Version 2.7.2

July 14, 2016

– Support for interactive scripts and random quotes – Updated speech content, animations, and text

Version 2.7.1

June 23, 2016

– Fixes a possible crash when using list pickers to choose options in surveys – Simplifies swipe navigation of dialogs on phone (also, Anna reads when you swipe) – Always selects a dialog for you to interact with, even on iPads – Provides friendlier banter when you tap Anna – Improves application responsiveness – Some minor animation, icon, and layout enhancements

Version 2.7

June 10, 2016

– Tap the microphone button to enable speech recognition mode: say “Anna, then ask her anything you like – No more duplicate entries and failed uploads when adding new activities within the app – Improved app responsiveness and stability – Many minor enhancements to the app experience

Version 2.6.2

May 17, 2016

– Resolves a critical stability issue where the app may crash when viewing unread messages or freeform survey questions – Adds minor layout polish

Version 2.6.1 Released

May 15, 2016

– Phone notification enhancements – Tablet notification auto scroll – Message read status shown -Additional universal enhancements – Big fixes

Version 2.6 and smartphone release

April 22, 2016

– Tasks to remain until the end of the day to enable the user to check off tasks once per day if necessary – Notification improvements for cross time zone calibration – iOS smart phone interface released -Big fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.5

March 31, 2016

– Simplified agenda view – Streamlined logic for repetitions of activities – Support for scheduled surveys

Version 2.4.3

March 9, 2016

– Anna has a lot more to talk about through script enhancements – Smarter reminder behaviour – Fixes a visual bug on the calendar

Version 2.4.2

March 1, 2016

– Fixes an issue where activities that have no end date may cause the app to crash – Resolves a possible failure to remind you of weekly/ bi- weekly repeated activities after the first week – Local system notifications for non- activities are only raised once now – Improvements to profile view interface

Version 2.4.1

February 22, 2016

– resolves an issue whereby Anna would repeatedly ask you to explain why you failed to do something -Anna is now more responsive to touch and new activities that are happening – Minor UI layout improvements

Version 2.4

February 12, 2016

– Wider range of possible notifications available – Support for multiple service regions (U.S) – Numerous big fixes

Version 2.2.5

October 30, 2015

-Fixes an issue where the calendar and agenda views may fail to update

Version 2.2

October 17, 2015

– Fixes bugs related to the correct handling of time zones – Enhanced responsiveness – Fully compatible with iOS 9

Version 2.1

September 10, 2015

– Resolves a crash that may happen while the app is in the background – Enhancements to the responsiveness of the app as well as Anna – Miscellaneous improvements to layout and user experience

Version 2.0

September 1, 2015

– New and improved voice (Australian Accent) – Revised app design – Ready for more features to come!

If you would like to see demonstration of Clevertar digital coaches please contact us for more information.